Sorcerer lvl 7


Longtail is a wererat sorcerer with a quick mind, charisma, and great ambitions. Through research and the aid of his imp familiar, Achsyyx, Longtail found out about the dungeon, its history, and its original purpose. He used his charm to convince several groups of humanoids in the dungeon to follow him into the dungeon in a search for treasure. Led by Lizardfolk guides the group explored the dungeon until he found what he was looking for. A long forgotten chapel that held a gateway to an extradimensional space holding infernal beasts. meanwhile the humanoids fought against each other each thinking the others had cheated them out of the treasure. Fighting ensued but was stopped due to extraplanar beasts that now plagued the dungeon due to Longtail. Unfortunately he cannot control most of the beasts,much to the hilarity of Achsyyx.


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